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Learn the "Sounds of Fire Safety" during National Fire Prevention Week

Oct 05, 2021 06:08AM ● By Editor

Watch the WDIO-TV Report here

National Fire Prevention Week 2021 will focus on the "Sounds of Fire Safety."  Photo: WDIO-TV

By Baihly Warfield of WDIO-TV - October 4, 2021 

National Fire Prevention Week has begun, and public safety officials want you to brush up on your knowledge of the "Sounds of Fire Safety." 

Duluth Deputy Fire Chief Jon Otis said the first sound to know is a smoke alarm. 

"That's the sound that you never want to hear, but if you hear it, you need to know what it is so that you can react and get out," Otis said. "It's your first warning that something is wrong." 

He said every year, firefighters come across homes without them. 

"That smoke detector is going to operate in the first few seconds of a fire, it's when the fire is producing enough smoke to set off that alarm feature," Otis said. 

You should also know the difference between an alarm and a low battery warning. 

"It's an annoying sound that chirps every few minutes when the battery is starting to get low," Otis said. "It's still got enough energy that it will set off an alarm if it needs to."

But when he thinks of the "Sounds of Fire Safety," the theme of National Fire Prevention Week, more dangerous ones also come to mind, such as matches striking or a lighter flicking on. 

"Kids should only know that sound because they've seen adults doing it, and they should only do it themselves if there is an adult around," he said. "Fire is a tool, it shouldn't be a toy to be played with." 

With every sound, Otis encourages families to have a plan to respond. 

To see the original report and read related stories, follow this link to the WDIO-TV website.

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