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How you can prevent your furry friends from injuring mail carriers

Jun 13, 2021 09:24PM ● By Editor
Photo: WKOW-TV

From WKOW-TV - June 13, 2021

Over 5,800 mail carriers across the nation were attacked by family owned dogs last year.

The postal service make safety of their employees priority and dedicates a week of awareness to the hazard of dog bites on the job.

National Dog Bite Awareness Week is June 12-18 this year with the theme of: "Be Aware: Any Dog Can Bite."

When dogs attack mail carriers, dog owners could be held liable for medical expenses, repayment of lost work hours, replacement of uniforms and a number of other costs.

There are ways to stop your furry friends from biting mail carriers:

  • Placing your dog in a separate room and close that door before opening your front door when receiving a door delivery.
  • Fencing does not always keep your furry friend from not approaching people, especially eclectic fences, because mail carriers don't know if they are there or nonexistent. So, the postal service asks you to keep your pets inside or restrained.
  • Keeping your dog on a leash is recommend because if a mail carrier is scared of a dog, it disrupts the delivery service.
  • Using tracking apps to see when your package is coming, to know when to bring your your dog inside.
To see the original post and read related stories, follow this link to the KBJR-TV website.
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