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Mobile Apps to Use as Part of Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Nov 09, 2020 06:55AM ● By Editor
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By Francis Hernandez from iTech Post - November 8, 2020

Every household needs to have a plan in place that tells each member where to go and what to do in the event of an emergency. For most, this means a natural disaster, but your plan can be adapted to fit any type of life-threatening or hazardous situation. While the staples like a first aid kit and flashlight are important, you can also incorporate technology into your preparedness strategy. This will help your family always have access to help and aid whenever they need it the most.

Find My Friends

The Find My Friends feature on iPhones and Android smartphones allows your family members to transmit their location to others; you can use this to monitor your children, partner and other loved ones, so you always know where to find each other. In the event communication was lost, you would be able to approximate their last location within a few minutes. This can make the difference between life and death in precarious situations. If someone where ever to be abducted or lost, their location could help law enforcement locate them. You can also send addresses and location information directly through text messages, which everyone should do when travelling to a new location or meeting someone, like a date.

Instant Transfer of Funds

Connect your bank account to money-sharing app Venmo, and you can instantly wire funds to a loved one who also has an account. Whether you're across town or in an entirely different country, emergency financial aid can be fully processed and transferred to your bank account to spend within minutes. You can easily add friends, so you and your loved ones are always only a tap away. Even lenders allow easy transfer of funds if you ever have to take out a payday loan in a financial emergency. Top payday lenders offer immediate financial assistance to people who find themselves short on cash in an urgent situation. You can send, request and pay back funds at a moment's notice, so there's no need wait for a check, locate a Western Union or other money-transferring service.

First Aid Application

The American Red Cross has a free mobile app you can download that walks you through how to address a variety of emergency first aid encounters. From burns to cuts, allergic reactions to natural disaster preparedness, the app is a versatile tool that every family member should have installed on their phone. There are also fully integrated 911 services, so you can call for help and request an ambulance directly from the app. The content from the American Red Cross is also pre-loaded, which means you can access it from your phone at any time, regardless of whether you have a signal or WIFI connection available. You can download the app for both Apple and Android devices via the App and Google Play stores.

Natural Disaster Relief

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's app for iOS and Android provides guidance for what to do after a hurricane, tornado, flood or other disaster. In addition to real-time alerts via the National Weather Service, the app also provides guidance on local shelters, recovery centers, an emergency kit checklist and online disaster assistance in English and Spanish. This app can be one of the best to integrate into your recovery plan, as it helps you take appropriate next-steps in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

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