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Local snowmobile rider sheds light on safety, after 3 fatal accidents over the weekend

Feb 25, 2020 07:54AM ● By Editor

Photo: CBS 3 Duluth

By John Cardinale of CBS 3 Duluth - February 24, 2020

It's been a treacherous season for snowmobile riders in the area this winter. 

3 people died over the weekend in Wisconsin in snow mobile accidents.  That raises the toll to 9 snowmobile related deaths for the month of February in Wisconsin. 

Ryan Bader has been riding on the trails of the North Shore for more than 25 years. 

"Accidents happen and people get hurt," Bader said. 

With experience on the trails, Bader knows what causes problems.

"Speed it kills especially if you add alcohol to the mix things can really get dangerous," Bader added. But Bader has noticed a new trend that's making the trails dangerous.

"Most people are driving on the wrong side that's how accidents happen. Stay to the right and your going to minimize most accidents," Bader added. 

Minimizing accidents is the goal of the DNR this year as fluctuations in weather have caused less than ideal conditions, according to Ward Wallin, the Assistant Area Supervisor at the Two Harbors DNR. 

"Right now we have a new system of grooming this year we are grooming four nights a week," Wallin said. 

While the trails are being maintained Wallin says problems still arise. 

"People they get off the trail. Along the trail we have signs that say stay on the trail because we are grooming the state trail," Wallin said 

State trails that are meant to be enjoyed responsibly by newcomers and veterans. 

"The state of Minnesota has the most amazing riding. I think everyone should enjoy it. Just when you ride together have some hand signals, stop at intersections let slower riders pull over, let riders behind you pass. Just basic laws of the road that we all live by when we drive our cars," Bader added. 

To read the original article and see a video report on this story, follow this link to the CBS 3 Duluth website.

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