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Monitoring the Bacterial Safety of Lake Superior Beaches

Jun 29, 2019 12:00PM ● By Editor

Temperatures are finally rising and health officials are reminding swimmesr to be cautious of water-borne illnesses.

The Minnesota Department of Health monitors 39 beaches on Park Point and up the North Shore for harmful bacteria in the water such as E. coli.

Although all beaches are currently testing as alright for swimming it is advised to always be cautious.

“Bacteria can come from the swimmers can be on the bodies of swimmers that have diarrhea, can come from wildlife pets. It also comes from the rain it carries all the things that are on the ground into the water and we see a lot of germs in the water after a rain event,” said Cindy Hakala the beach program coordinator at Minnesota Department of Health.

Swimmers are encouraged to wait 24 hours after a rainstorm before getting back in the water.

For the latest beach reports check out the website by following this link.

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