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Superior Hiking Trail Conditions and Closures

May 02, 2018 05:46AM ● By Editor


Expect some combination of:

  • Snow (yes, still)
  • Icy conditions (yes, still)
  • Slush (especially in the afternoons)
  • Standing water
  • Mud


  • Martin Road Trailhead is closed while it dries out, but there is space for 6 vehicles or so on the drive to the gate.  For any long term parking, please divert to Lismore Road Trailhead.
  • Lutsen Mountains Recreation Area Trailhead: Due to bridge construction, there will be no vehicle access to the SHT trailhead at Lutsen Mountains from May through mid-August.

    An interim parking lot will be the lower parking lot (47.659296, -90.712070). This is on the right (east) side of Ski Hill Road as you head uphill toward the Recreation Area.  It is just past The Mountain Inn and across from Caribou Highlands Lodge. Parking here will add about 0.8 mile to your hike. Please do not park in any lot other than the lower parking lot.
  • Cascade River State Park: In 2018, one of two spurs from the wayside on Highway 61 will be closed for maintenance. You will still be able to access the cascades by using the open spur. This closure will not affect the main SHT.


Snowmelt season is here. Expect both the Encampment River and Trout Creek to be roaring. Other creeks and rivers may also be extremely high.

  • Co Rd 301/Fors Road to Castle Danger: The Encampment River is a wet-water crossing. Under normal circumstances, it’s an easy crossing with many large rocks to help you across. It is only a problem if there has been a large rain event within 48 hours or so, or during spring snowmelt season. Other than that, you will likely not have a problem crossing. There is a posted roadwalk detour map at Castle Danger Trailhead and High Ridge Road, where the roadwalk detour would begin.
  • Co Rd 301/Fors Road to Castle Danger: The Crow Creek (south) Bridge may be currently underwater due to snowmelt.
  • Split Rock River Loop:  Split Rock River Bridge is out. Long-distance hikers can take spur trails to continue their hike through: Northbound, at junction with spur trail turn right (south-east) toward the Split Rock River Wayside. From the wayside, take paved trail to Hwy 61 underpass and turn left. After 0.2 miles, spur trail to main SHT is on left across Hwy 61. Follow spur trail 0.4 miles to junction with main SHT.
  • Split Rock and Beaver Bay: Just north of Fault Line Creek Campsite, a short section of the trail is flooded due to persistent beavers. The trail is fordable, but prepare for wet feet and legs.
  • Cascade River State Park to Bally Creek Road (also on the Cascade River Loop): Trout Creek is a wet-water crossing. Under normal circumstances, Trout Creek is a trickle. Only during snowmelt season or a big rain event is crossing an issue. If in doubt, use the trail on the west side of the Cascade River. If hiking the loop, hike it counter-clockwise – get to Trout Creek first, not at the end of your hike!

     Trout Creek in dry weather
For more information about the Superior Hiking trail follow this link to their website.
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