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Is an external sprinkler system right for you?

Jan 29, 2018 09:47AM ● By Editor

Sprinkler systems are believed to work by creating a humid and cool environment that makes it difficult for embers blown by the wind to start a fire. External sprinkler systems also keep your home and cabin and surrounding vegetation - the fuels for the wild fire - hydrated so it is harder for a fire to start or spread.

Ask yourself these questions.

Is an external sprinkler system for you?

Do you live in an area susceptible to wild fire?

Do you have access to a nearby water source, such as a lake or river?

Do you have the ability to start the system when a fire is coming

Do you have the ability to keep the system maintained and tested?

Can you accept how the system looks (aesthetics)?

Can you afford it (cost)?

If you can answer yes to these questions, an external sprinkler system may be appropriate for your home or cabin. 

Read more in this brochure from the MN DNR in the attached pdf.

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