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Boreal Emergency Preparedness Portal


Jan 26, 2018 07:08AM ● By Editor

As an alternative to calling 911 for those with disabilities or other impairments or find themselves in situations where voice communication is not advisable, we encourage people to Text to 911.


The Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s dos and don’ts:

·       DO enter the numbers 911 in the “to” field.

·       DO text your exact address and type of emergency. (Dispatchers will not automatically have location information.)

·       DO send the message.

·       DO use simple words.

·       DON’T use abbreviations. (Not all dispatchers understand them.)

·       DON’T use emojis. (Dispatch centers cannot receive them.)

·       DO keep the message to 160 characters or less. (Longer texts may be received out of order or not at all.)

·       DO answer questions and follow instructions quickly.

·       DON’T send pictures or other multimedia. (Dispatch centers cannot receive them.)

·       DON’T text if you’re able to call.

·       DON’T text and drive.

·       DON’T text 911 just to try it out. (Texting or calling 911 with a false report is a crime.)


Please note that cell phone coverage is not guaranteed in our vast wilderness area.  Check frequently as you venture out to see if you have cell phone service and be aware that some areas you visit will not have access to 911.  Please prepare accordingly.

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